Most-Read Stories of 2002

The most popular stories on in 2002? Here's the top twenty for the year.


1. The Six Cardinal Rules of Resume Writing

2. Ten Sure Signs Your Finance Dept. Is Second-Rate

3. How to Get Employers to Read Your Resume

4. There’s a Monster in Finance

5. Everything Must Go: BPO

6. Nice Work If You Can Get It

7. 2002 Compensation Survey

8. Tuning In to Cash Flow

9. No More Mr. Nice Guy

10. Hardest Sectors for CFOs?

11. The Ten Highest-Paid CFOs

12. How to Ace That Interview

13. 2002 Working Capital Survey

14. The Tech Twenty

15.What Makes CFOs Tick?

16.Building a Strong Finance Team

17.‘WorldCom: The Death of EBIDTA?

18.Stealing Harvard

19. BI: Now You See It

20. What CFOs at Top Companies Make

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