How Audits Must Change

Auditors face more pressure to find fraud.

Trouble Enough for All
Fraud cases hit every big-time auditor.
Auditor Case
Andersen Enron
Ernst & Young Global Settlement with RTC/FDIC
Ernst & Young Cendant
Deloitte & Touche Global Settlement with RTC/FDIC
Andersen Baptist Foundation
Ernst & Young Merry-go-round
Price Waterhouse BCCI
Coopers & Lybrand Barings Bank
KPMG Rite Aid
Ernst & Young AIB Group
Anderson Sunbeam
Coopers & Lybrand Maxwell Communications
KPMG Tricontinental
Ernst & Young Depco
Andersen Colonial Realty
Andersen Waste Management
KPMG Orange County
KPMG Oxford Health Plans


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