Less Is More

Why thick monthly reports to management are going the way of the five-year plan.

Too Many Chiefs?

A chief growth officer can serve as a focal point for enhancing revenues, but promoting continuous innovation at a company is one of the toughest things to get right.
Risk & Compliance

Full Steam Ahead?

If there's one lesson from Parmalat's implosion, it's that regulatory reform can't wait any longer. Here's how banking and securities watchdogs on both sides of the Atlantic are faring.
Risk & Compliance

Less Talk, More Action

As the new supremo of the U.K.'s financial watchdog, John Tiner is promising a double bonus for businesses -- less paperwork and swifter, more effective enforcement.
Accounting & Tax

Hidden Treasures

Even with new accounting treatments, financial systems don't allow companies to say much about their intangible assets. Finance chiefs are finding ways to address this conundrum.

Reporting for Duty

In Europe, many CFOs say annual reports are glorified marketing brochures. If they're right, why bother with them?