Taxing Issues

Discretionary authority, economic nexus, and the taxing of services loom large in the state tax landscape.

Gaining Altitude

Stellar customer service and smart financial management have propelled JetBlue to new heights. An Interview with Mark D. Powers, CFO, JetBlue
Risk Management

The Upside of ERM

Many companies are mitigating risk with enterprise risk management, but some are using the programs to uncover new opportunities and create value

In the Comfort Zone

Wyndham Worldwide’s cash-generating business model keeps investors happy — and presents enviable challenges for CFO Thomas G. Conforti.

It’s All in the Game

GameStop is pulling out all the stops to keep up with the evolution of the video-game industry. An Interview with Robert A. Lloyd, EVP &spamp; CFO, GameStop.
Cash Management

Too Much Cash?

Corporate balance sheets are swelling with cash, reaching $1.8 trillion at the end of 2012. Many accuse companies of hoarding, but there’s more to the story.

Housing Smarts

Clever financing and a “long-land” business model helped Toll Brothers weather the recession. Now, business is picking up for the luxury-home builder. An Interview with Martin P. Connor, CFO, Toll Brothers.

Play Ball!

The off-season is the busiest time for Boston Red Sox CFO Steve Fitch.