Tube Stake: Ex-TV Guide Execs Hit With Fraud Charge

SEC alleges former CEO, CFO, artificially boosted revenue, deceived outside auditor. Plus: little ethics training for boards, more probes at Freddie Mac, and are letters to shareholders marketing bumf?

Sec. 404 Compliance Jacking Up Audit Fees

New survey says Sec. 404 compliance boosting audit costs by 35 percent; auditors not complaining. Plus: SEC wants exchanges to protect analysts from retaliation, Ahold to get new CFO, and execs busted for bad meat?

Comp Formulas: Execs Riding the Right Side of the Curve

Some companies move to exclude pension expenses from exec comp formulas; during bull market, pension gains were included. Plus: Survey says outsourcing finance works. And: Would somebody please declare this recession over?

SEC to Tyco: Restate Again

Commission wants restatement on $700 million in charges; move would actually boost revenues for 2002, 2003. Plus: Tax execs worried about additional disclosure, GE seeks union deal, and Abercrombie & Fitch gets white suit.

Ex-Dynegy Execs Hit with Fraud Charges

Prosecutors say they treated loan as operating cash flow, then hid liability from auditor. Plus: Siebel shareholders vote down expensing plan, few buyers for terror insurance, and Kerkorian gets go-ahead in Chrysler suit.

Will It Float? SEC Probing EDS’s Navy Contract

Commission examining $7 billion outsourcing contract with the Navy; deal still not profitable. Plus: Lucent SPE comes home to roost, actuaries say pension laws need fixing, and slimmed-down White House tax proposal squeaks by Senate.