Risk & Compliance

Phoning It In

In a recent study of nearly 200,000 whistle-blower reports of alleged infractions, almost two-thirds of the complaints were made via hotlines without first alerting anyone in management, and few prove to be false alarms.
Risk & Compliance

Not Invented Here

The existing federal test for ''obvious'' patents stifles innovation, say critics, but a pending Supreme Court decision may provide new guidance.

Travelin’ On(line)

As online travel companies mature, they've turned their attention to the corporate market. Low prices are nice, but service counts for more.

Ripe for the Picking?

One way or another, wireless technology has already taken root at most companies, but uncontrolled growth could hurt the bottom line. And did we mention the security risks?

Priority: Mail

From keeping it up to keeping it safe to just plain keeping it, E-mail now warrants an actual strategy.