Does IT Matter?

Packaged-enterprise applications may be popular, but a successful company will focus on its IT infrastructure.
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The Truth about Technology Costs

When your IT people tell you that the new hardware and storage the business needs will cost a few million, remember: they can’t handle the truth. But CFOs can, and must.
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Marco Polo 2.0: Report from China

China came late to the computer age, but that’s allowed it to move straight to the cloud. As the West struggles with mobility and ubiquitous computing, China’s cloud-computing energy may provide some key solutions.
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Why CFOs Need to Think Vertically

To get the most out of new technologies, CFOs must manage the groups that drive IT performance to make sure they’re talking about challenges and costs. That’s because today’s corporate computer is not a big box: it’s a network.
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Learning the Language of IT

If your board considers IT important (and it does), CFOs need to learn the language of IT or risk being left out of the conversation about the future of the business.