Hardest Sectors for CFOs?

Our picks for the most difficult industry sectors for CFOs.

You think your job is difficult?

In this, the first-ever toughest jobs survey by CFO.com, our editorial staff picks the sectors that present the stiffest challenges for finance chiefs in 2002. While the job descriptions may vary, the seven industries have one thing in common: they stretch a finance chief’s ability like no other.

Here, then, our Tough Jobs, 2002 (listed in no particular order):

1. Telecom CFO: Telephony and Cacophony

2. P/C Insurance CFO: Hard Sell

3. Energy CFO: Mob Rule

4. Software CFO: Intangible Assets, Real Pains

5. Biotech CFO: Trial and Error

6. Airline CFO: Plenty of Chop

7. Hospital CFO: Angels with Clipped Wings

8. Steel CFO: Iron Will Required


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