Former Wal-Mart Exec Avoids Prison

Thomas Coughlin's doctor testified that the former Wal-Mart executive's health was too "fragile" for prison.

Wal-Mart’s former number-two executive is not going to prison after all.

Thomas Coughlin was sentenced Friday in federal court to 27 months of home detention and five years of probation, according to the Associated Press. He had earlier pleaded guilty to stealing money, merchandise, and gift cards from the world’s largest retailer. Coughlin also was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine and $400,000 in restitution, according to the report.

Prosecutors wanted Coughlin to serve between six months and one year in prison; however, his doctor testified the 57-year-old was too “fragile” for prison, suffering from diabetes, cardiac disease, sleep apnea, arterial blockage, and other ailments, said Reuters. Coughlin was reportedly treated for arterial blockage in 2003.

Coughlin had earlier admitted to defrauding the company to pay for the care of his hunting dogs, lease a private hunting area, upgrade his pickup truck, and buy two cases of Miller Light beer and a cooler, according to several reports.


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