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Recommended Reading: Top Stories of 2005

Here's our list of the 100 articles that your colleagues and competitors asked for most often.

“Recommended Reading” is a resource for financial executives, chosen by financial executives. The list below features the articles that were most in demand by our readers in 2005 — original articles from CFO.com, stories drawn from the pages of CFO magazine, and articles from CFO Europe,CFO Asia, CFO Research Services, and our content partners.



  1. What You Don’t Know about the Bankruptcy Law

    It’s not just about individuals. Largely overlooked corporate provisions of the new law require companies to make quicker decisions on leases, pony up more upfront cash, and shed some of their exclusive right to file reorganization plans.

  2. Kremed!

    The rise and fall of Krispy Kreme is a cautionary tale of ambition, greed, and inexperience.

  3. You’re Not CFO Material

    Wondering whether you have what it takes? Here are ten signs that you’re never going to make it to the big chair.

  4. Should FAS 133 Be ”Marked to Market”?

    The discussion of accounting issues surrounding the creditworthiness of issuers may open the biggest hole in FASB’s standard on accounting for derivative instruments and hedging activities.

  5. First-Time CFOs

    A to-do list of tips for neophyte finance chiefs includes learning the company’s financials inside-out, pressing the flesh, and, well, losing that to-do list.

  6. Budgeting in the Real World

    More companies are writing budgets that reflect strategy and reduce frustration.

  7. What You Don’t Know about Sarbanes-Oxley

    Snares, pitfalls, and trapdoors: Sarbanes-Oxley is full of surprises. These five top the list.

  8. Body-Language Tactics That Sway Interviewers

    Posture, eye contact, and other nonverbal communication can speak volumes about your feelings and attitudes. Here’s how to impress hiring managers with mannerisms that project confidence and enthusiasm.

  9. IRS to Audit More S Corporations

    Unlike more common C corporations, the small businesses are able to avoid double taxation. But the government wants to more closely track their compliance with the law.

  10. The New Face of Identity Theft

    As scams become more sophisticated, companies of all kinds find themselves at risk.

  11. The Future of Outsourcing

    An exclusive look inside GE’s back-office machine.

  12. Capital Ideas: The 2005 Working Capital Survey

    Despite cheap credit and surplus cash, companies still find plenty of reasons to improve operational efficiency.

  13. Spreadsheet Heaven

    The battle to replace Excel with dedicated budgeting and planning software takes an unexpected turn.

  14. Striking a Balance

    Can finance departments be cost-effective and smart at the same time?

  15. Looking for Gaps

    The latest generation of compliance software promises to do more to ease the burden of internal controls assessment.

  16. Secrets of the M&A Masters

    Revealing the paths to a successful deal.

  17. When Do Companies Outgrow Their Spreadsheets?

    There comes a time at every smaller, growing company when managers perceive a need for more sophisticated software tools than spreadsheet-dependent planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

  18. Paradigm Shifts

    Twenty changes that rocked your world.

  19. Keeping Secrets

    How five CFOs cooked the books at HealthSouth.

  20. How to Pick Winning Finance Execs

    Opinions differ on whether a prestigious accounting degree or raw intelligence is a better indicator of future success. But there’s general agreement among corporate-finance talent scouts that passion and energy count for a great deal.

  21. Your Finance Department Is Second-Rate

    Not certain how your finance department stacks up? Here are ten markers of mediocrity.

  22. Feeling the Pain

    Are the benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley worth the cost?

  23. Smaller than a Sarbox?

    Finance executives at small public issuers contend that the current broad-brush approach to Section 404 compliance isn’t fair to their companies. But a movement is afoot to tailor the internal-controls rules to fit diminutive sizes.

  24. The Top Spot

    Why more companies are tapping their finance chiefs for CEO.

  25. How Markets Punish Material Weaknesses

    A new report examines shortcomings that lead to losses in share price; Sarbanes-Oxley requirements are understood poorly by investors, say some observers.


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