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Offshoring by the Numbers

Results of our survey of 275 finance executives at a broad range of companies.

Perhaps one reason finance executives don’t consider negative publicity to be a serious risk is that very few (15 percent) think the backlash against offshoring will last long. Only 5 percent of those who are offshoring will last long. Only 5 percent of those whoa re offshoring, today say public disapproval will cause them to cut back. At the same time, few CFOs—even those who are offshoring—appear to accept the argument of some economists that offshoring will lead to new jobs in the United States by allowing companies to reallocate capital to new opportunities. Only 11 percent think offshoring will lead to a net increase in U.S. jobs over the next few years, and 61 percent think it will create a new job loss.

How long do you think the current backlash against offshoring will last?

Until the economy improves
Until the end of the election cycle
Until baby-boomer retirement
causes a worker shortage
in the U.S.
It is a long-term change in
public attitude


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