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Reader Opinions on the Offshoring Backlash

Only 5 percent of those who are offshoring today say public disapproval will cause them to cut back.

Business is business. Save money! Make money! Outsourcing is OK, but remember customer service is #1!

The outsourcing will cause an overall reduction in the U.S. standard of living.

Over the course of history, the general populace has often tried to place the blame for economic downturns on groups of people (e.g. legal or illegal immigrants, religious, ethnic, or racial minorities, trade policies (free trade, NAFTA), or other external forces. This shows little understanding of the true economic forces at work. Offshore outsourcing is efficient and helps this country maintain our high standard of living. As for the backlash, this too shall pass!

An improving economy without a corresponding improvement in job opportunities has combined with the political/election-year climate to create what otherwise would not be an issue.

Offshoring is good for the consumer but will have long-term impact on workers in the USA because we will lose so many jobs. Loss of jobs will create a slowdown in our economy.

The backlash is a result of having a nearsighted view of the economic impact of losing jobs. Those opposing offshore outsourcing don’t believe in the long-term benefits of finding the lowest-cost alternative.

They are reacting to the competitive pressures of lower costs.

If we were able to phase out industrial and service-organized labor unions, companies would be able to compete more effectively and be in a better position to afford the skilled talent within the domestic marketplace!

The countries which are primary for offshore outsourcing are not the most stable. Major interruption in business could happen if political unrest occurs. The distance alone would be prohibitive in recouping equipment, personnel, etc.

Offshore outsourcing has become the latest tool in the continual development of cost-cutting methods in an attempt to meet the American demand of getting more for less from both the shareholder and consumer perspectives.

We deal with a global economy, so I believe that offshore issues will always be a fact of life and a necessary evil.

People’s concerns about the detrimental effect on the U.S. economy are well-founded. First it was the goods sector, now the services sector. What will we have left?

Another clear example of the public wanting their cake (more U.S. jobs with high wages), and eating it, too (low prices of goods or services).

The “backlash” is totally the result of political blather. The economic effects of outsourcing has already proven to INCREASE jobs in the U.S.!

It’s nothing more than politicians creating problems that contribute to their immediate needs.

Unfortunately, business is business, and with increased competition and decreasing profits, a lot of companies don’t have any other choice. Seems like the same concept as the “foreign” companies that use American workers.

If outsourcing makes economic sense, fine, but companies should have effective re-employment programs for displaced workers.


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