Spreadsheet Hell

CFOs are interested in the many new technologies being pitched to them, but are they really trapped in spreadsheet hell?

Finance IT: The Big Picture

How would you characterize the state of finance IT at your company today?
We have everything we need 6%
We have most of what we need 66%
We are missing critical components/capabilities 24%
Our systems are wholly inadequate 4%
How satisfied are you with your finance department’s ability to absorb new technologies?
Very satisfied 25%
Somewhat satisfied 48%
Neutral 19%
Somewhat dissatisfied 7%
Very dissatisfied 1%
When it comes to implementing new technologies within finance, which of these pose a barrier?
(Multiple responses permitted.)
Integration with existing systems 74%
Cost 71%
Disruption to existing process 42%
Training 39%
Employee reluctance to use new technology 26%
Other 3%


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