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Spreadsheets: Lining Up Column Widths

Trying to line up wide and narrow column widths that are pulled from different report sections can be frustrating, unless you're using this latest trick from MrExcel.

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Contributing editor Bill Jelen is still on spring break down in sunny Florida, but he once again has sent the readers of CFO a video postcard in place of his regular weekly column. This time, Bill tackles a question sent to him by a reader named Greg who asks how to solve the problem of misaligned column widths. Specifically, Greg wants to know how to line up column widths in two different report sections — something that is nearly impossible to do without knowing a few Excel tricks, says Bill.

The video illustrates how to deal with mismatched column widths in one report section, but Bill has used this trick with up to four different report sections. In this two-minute Excel lesson, Bill explains the simple steps you’ll need to realign column widths using Excel 2010, as well as Excel 2003. Click here to view Bill’s video.

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